What is my disease? Am I pregnant? Will I die? These are the sorts of questions that thousands of people asked Simon Forman and Richard Napier, two of the most popular astrologers in early modern England. Through four busy decades, Forman and Napier recorded approximately 80,000 consultations. Their casebooks are one of the most extensive surviving sets of medical records in history. They provide a unique view of the lives of ordinary — and extraordinary — people four centuries ago.

Release 8: Richard Napier’s casebooks vols. 10 and 11 and editorial documentation

Volumes 10 and 11 of Napier’s casebooks (MSS Ashmole 216 and 215) are now available online, and work on a further four volumes is in progress. Our Transcription guidelines and Element set are publicly accessible for the first time. The search function and online display of search results have both been significantly enhanced, particularly with regard to the calculation of estimated ages and dates of birth.

Good News

Casebooks has been awarded a £1,000,000 Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to complete the project by 2017. This has enabled us to hire more staff and begin developing an engagement framework to be launched in the coming months.

Document last modified: 8 August 2014

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