Consultant: Mr Richard Napier [Sandy]

Practice: His own

Date & Time: 12 March 1602, 4:20 P.M.

Source: MS Ashmole 221, f. 1r (upper left, and upper right parts of page)

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Agnys Windmill of Emmerton lightheaded Martii 12 Friday hor 4. 20. p m. 1602. bell hath told for her. maritus sine consensu.

<col. b>

Agnys Wyndmill


Name: Windmill

Sex: M

Age: Unknown

Birth: Unknown

Death: Unknown

Present during consultation: Unclear


Name: Agnes Windmill

Sex: F

Age: 31-33 years (est.)

Birth: 1569-1571 (est.)

Death: Unknown

Present during consultation: No

Third Parties

No third parties present in case.

Relations mentioned in the case

Windmill is the husband of Agnes Windmill

Occupations mentioned in the case

No occupations present in case.


Further Information

Circumstances of the Consultation

Financial information: None

Mentions previous consultation: No

Includes information about outcome(s): No

Letter: None

Messenger: None

Question number: None

Urine: None

Blood: None


Angels consulted: None

Divination: None

Astrological charts: Deleted, Present

Judgment: Present

Recipe: None

Treatment information: None

Case Details

Someone is asking on behalf of the patient

Entry type: Horary

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