Consultant: Dr Simon Forman

Practice: His own

Date & Time: 1 August 1596, 8:30 A.M.

Source: MS Ashmole 234, f. 83v (upper left quadrant)

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Richard Carmarden/ of 24 yeres 1596 the first Aug. An’ m’ at 30 p 8 Diz / Sr Robt Cicills man/


Name: Mr Richard Carmarthen

Sex: M

Age: 24 years

Note: Querent is also the patient.


Name: Mr Richard Carmarthen

Sex: M

Age: 24 years

Note: Patient is also the querent.

Third Parties

No third parties present in case.

Relations mentioned in the case

Occupations mentioned in the case

No occupations present in case.


Further Information

Circumstances of the Consultation

Archangel consulted: None

Financial information: None

Information about past and future events: Yes

Letter: None

Question number: None

Token: None

Urine: None


Judgment: Present

Recipe: None

Treatment information: Present

Case Details

Querent is patient

Entry type: Horary

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