Calendar entries

In addition to the fully edited cases, a further four volumes of Napier’s casebooks have been calendared: that is, certain salient features have been recorded but no transcription has been provided.

These volumes, which between them contain slightly under two thousand records, were selected on the pragmatic basis that high-quality images were already available. The calendar entries enable us to make the images accessible and provide a foundation on which, funding permitting, full entries will be constructed in due course.

Besides access to the images, the calendar entries provide a selection of basic metadata: the consultant’s name, the practice in question, the date of the consultation, source details (volume and folio number, position on page), and a list of the other people (besides the consultant) involved in the case, with their genders. As with the full entries, these ‘participants’ may include ships (e.g. CASE26080) or undifferentiated groups of individuals (e.g. ‘Richard Letten’s friends’, CASE26138).

The calendar entries do not include details of the roles or ages of the parties involved, the time of the consultation, the nature of the query or the presence of a judgment, treatment, financial information or any of the other features listed under ‘Further Information’ in the full entries. Nor do they include links to Person Pages or supply data for the existing Person Pages. They will be of use primarily to people wishing to navigate the manuscripts by date and/or names of people involved in the case.

The volumes in question are:

MS Ashmole 174 (1597-1631) MS Ashmole 181 (1598-1629) MS Ashmole 204 (1599-1619, including some entries by Napier’s nephew Sir Richard Napier) MS Ashmole 238 (June-November 1630)

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