Searching at a glance

Find things easily in Forman’s and Napier’s casebooks using our powerful case search facility. Sophisticated searches can be created straightforwardly and the results explored visually in charts and tables. The site also includes a simplified search page for calendar entries through which you can search for entries that we have recorded and imaged but not yet transcribed in full. For a detailed account of how to construct searches, see our guide to searching.

Search by date

Search by date

Narrow your search results by specifying a date or time, a period you wish to search, from minutes to years, or even a particular day of the week.

Limit searches to a particular practice

Search by practice

Focus your search on a practice by selecting Simon Forman’s London-based records, or Richard Napier’s Buckinghamshire-centred casebooks.

Create complex queries easily

Construct complex searches with multiple search terms

Whether you want to see every entry in the casebooks where the topic was disease and Forman supplied a treatment, or all those involving a patient named John asking about his back on a Thursday, our search facility will allow you to find them.

Automatically visualise your results

Visualise date information
Visualise topics

To see your search results tabulated and graphed, go to the ‘Search results summary’, which provides chronological and topic-by-topic breakdowns, graphs of querent and patient ages by sex, tables of the most frequent querents and patients, and key statistics from your dataset.

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