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  1. 1.Title:The Astrologicalle Judgmentes of phisick and other Questions
     Author:Simon Forman
     Shelfmark:MS Ashmole 389, pp. 1-878; MS Ashmole 363, ff. 1r-75r, 78r-94v, 96r-163v, 174v-226r, 227r-291v, 299r-332v; MS Ashmole 363 (Fragment A), ff. 163v-174v; MS Ashmole 363 (Fragment B), ff. 292r-298v; MS Ashmole 174, p. 381
  2. 2.Title:Rueles and observances before youe give Judgment
     Author:Simon Forman
     Shelfmark:MS Ashmole 240, f. 12r
  3. 3.Title:To knowe where a woman be with child of a man or a woman.
     Author:Simon Forman
     Shelfmark:MS Ashmole 182, f. 80v
  4. 4.Title:A treatise touching the Defence of Astrology
     Author:Richard Napier
     Shelfmark:MS Ashmole 242, ff. 187r-195v
  5. 5.Title:Howe you shall knowe which vivent longest of a man vel muliere
     Author:Simon Forman
     Shelfmark:MS Ashmole 174, pp. 375-379

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